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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Friday, July 29, 2005


Friday already, a work night coming up, you probably dont know of course, but my work week is weekend nights in 12 hour shifts. So this past week I worked some overtime during the week and wrote a couple of pieces as well. Both of this week's stories are posted on my writing blog , . Weather is lovely , wish I were here,as they say,postcard style.
Pig and goat have been play-fighting, lots of pushing and head butting and jumping around.Pig Eric has finally ventured out of his safe house, and is now freely roaming the back field, rooting and getting muddy as a pig should. Sudden leap in confidence level, as until this week he stayed resolutely inside, ignoring the open door despite Bob the goat trotting in and out.
This years hatchlings,bantams and guineas , are now roaming in a tight flock together whenever I let them out. Which is only when I know I'll be here to shut them up again come evening. Too many raiding predators around.

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