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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


That book Ive been busy with is getting close to finished; there are now 52000 words, about 180 to 200 pages, after many revisions and bits taken out, others put in. Now checking out publishers, firstly in Canada. Thats because Canadian written stuff gets to the front of the line, so a better percentage chance of being read by editors. Thats the first hurdle, they get thousands of submissions and queries for every one they actually put in print.
Dont really know just how good or bad it is, cant get objective enough, after all Ive read it so many times now. Have some people from my creative writing class looking at it, they have given some suggestions and so on.
Tried doing what They say is best, putting a chapter with lots of action at the beginning, but the one guy who read that version said it seemed to be just a collection of short stories to him, and individually and collectively lacking plot. So put everything in chronological sequence, but otherwise unchanged, and seemingly the invisible plot became obvious. Dont get that,the same elements, same words, just with a different order of presentation, and one single flashback, and the whole plot disappears.
Perhaps its a case of an individual fixating on a minor flaw and not seeing anything else. Like one person who downloaded several chapters into a word processor (microsoft) which had single spacing as its default setting, and proceeded to criticise the work based on the illegibility of her own printed version, not the actual words, but how they came out of her printer, in a tiny close spaced font.
Will definitely bear that in mind, better to send a hard copy to publishers than risk losing their attention by reason of their faulty word processor, or whatever.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello again

Hi avid readers , time I got back into pĂ´sting those highly readable updates about Moi.
So the Great Work progresses, have written and rewritten that damn book several times, and have it to the point where I can look for a publisher. Not so simple, cause there are fewer publishers than you think, and a lot of aspirant Authors.
Just a Hello. Im back for today, but watch this space for more fun and information filled postings (promise)