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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Been busy again, did a fair bit of writing , then quite a lot of overtime at work, which continues this week. The money is hard to refuse,so time is eaten up in extra shifts on what should be time for other things. Also have been putting down a floor in one room, that click laminate stuff, looks good , not quite as good as real wood but way better than carpet. Less allergins, dust mites and plain old dust.Quite easy to lay, the fiddly bits around cupboard doors are the hardest. Some joints showing in one corner where things werent quite lined up right, and attempts to fix it resulted in chipping of the top layer, visible. Guess where the dresser is going to be ? Work again tomorrow, just an eight hour shift, then I hopĂȘ to remove the old furnace from the house in town and bring it here. With minor alterations, it will burn propane instead of Gas and keep this place warm whenever I am away for more than a few hours. Last winter the pipes and waterpump froze and split when I was away during really cold weather and the wood stove had time to cool down to useless. Will have to build some kind of shelter for the furnace, don't want it in the living room or wherever and there is no basement here.

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