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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Monday, July 04, 2005


Summer is here for sure, things are moving through their yearly cycle - hollyhocks starting to bloom by the edge of the lawn, elderberry bushes covered in white foam (should I try making wine again this year ? ) and the cock Lady Amherst pheasant has lost all his tail feathers, though the hen is still laying. She eats her own eggs if you dont get them very soon after they are laid, which is why the last person sold the pair of them I guess. So far only one chick hatched from the few eggs I saved, and only one gosling , the couple of times the power has been out hasnt helped there; eggs need a steady temperature . The good side of that is not having too much to feed and care for through next winter, suppose I could sell some if there were too many, but not yet anyway. Grass seed on that bare area they dug up is sprouting patchily, the heavy rain washed a lot of seed into the lower areas , leaving bare spots , have to do it again perhaps next week when I can see properly where its needed.Just about normal for stuff I plant, good thing I dont have to depend on growing things for a living.

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