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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Monday, July 18, 2005


Been doing a fair bit of writing lately - see "swaz"blog for some of it - and so too busy to put much into this blog. Wrote 20 abstracts for a web site that offered $5 each for abstracts,now I'm waiting to see if they will actually pay up.If not at least it was practice writing to a deadline. Also sent a couple of pieces off for publication.
Over the weekend it rained like crazy here while I was away, television news was showing pictures of flooding in nearby Exeter and you can see mud on the grass at the back left by the run-off from the cow pasture next door. The ground was too dry to let the water soak in, it just hit the ground and ran. The goose eggs that were being cared for by the brown goose are scattered all over, the water must have gone through her nest with a fair bit of velocity. There is even mud on the floor of the pheasant's shack, which is a good eight or nine inches above ground level.

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