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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer now

Official first day of summer , no garden this year, just some plants in pots and odd spots. No corn for the racoons, no lettuce for the geese to ravage, its all grass and weeds. The geese are closed in the paddock behind their shed, so no pooping on paths or hanging out over at Henry's barn, which were their favourite occupations last year. Bob shares the paddock with them, mostly because he is difficult to keep out of trouble when free to wander. He gets out over the fence when totally bored with their company, though not yet since the latest upgrade to the now 5 ft high enclosure. If the fence is nice and rigid he can climb easily or jump to hang over the top then scramble the rest of the way, so now I'm trying it with a sort of slightly loose top wire that feels really insecure if he tries to hang onto it.We'll see how long that works.

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