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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sharks in South Africa

Wow when I looked into it , I found 3 fatal attacks in the Capetown area in the past 12 months, one elderly lady off Fishhoek beach last year and another diver on June 8th off Millers Point, which isnt that far away, both of which could easily have been by the same shark as killed the diver last weekend near Simonstown. In fact the shark was seen the next day at Kalk bay , having swum right past the Fishhoek beaches to get there. towing the buoy attached to the speargun with which the poor guys partner had shot it during the attack. Seems it made two attacks on the diver which were fended off before the final fatal one, so there is absolutely zero chance of this shark mistaking a man for a seal or whatever. This does seem pretty clear-cut to me, catch this individual shark while it is still readily identifiable, with the buoy attached, and calm things down before people go for every shark around.

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