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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Brand new guinea fowl hatchling in the incubator this morning, properly called a "keet ", they are really small at this age, a couple of hours after coming out of the egg. Since a guinea hen's egg is about half the size of a large hen's egg, they are smaller than a chick, but not quite as helpless. They have pink legs and beaks and brown stripy down; this one has some white on its winglets and belly, which of course is quite usual with domesticated birds, in a wild bird any outstanding colours would be weeded out very soon. I'll post some photos in a couple of days, it'll take a while because my camera is old tech with film, so first have to use the whole film, get it developed , then scan the photos, then hook up the old computer to the new one ( PC to Mac ,will it work ) and from there upload to the net etc. etc. On second thoughts perhaps I'll just keep that keet in my shirt pocket and the photos in hard copy; if anyone actually reads this and wants to see pics, write a comment telling me and I'll do something about it.
On the eggshell I write the date when I put eggs into the incubator, so this one started on the 26th of May, just 4 weeks ago; chickens hatch in 3 weeks, so I spose thats why they are less developed when hatched. Finished the film in the camera so all action, off to town to get it developed and buy the usual milk bread and fruit, oh yes and grain for the geese, whatever they have , usually oats.

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