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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Monday, June 20, 2005


Right now I have 3 Silky Bantam cross Americauna chicks, one pheasant chick and one guinea fowl keet (for some reason a baby guinea hen is not a chick but a "keet ") all together in a cage with a heat lamp; they get along really well and provide each other with company and comfort. They were all hatched in a styrofoam incubator which seems to work a little erratically , too hot on warm days and too cool when the weather is bad, but is a couple of steps better than leaving the eggs to be stolen and eaten by the raccoons or in some cases , the mothers, none of which seem to be very good at sitting on eggs and hatching their own.
When they grow a bit the chicks will graduate to a secure outside cage, which I still have to construct, but for now they are in the living room. Aptly named in this house .

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