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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Thursday, June 22, 2006

short stories

So yesterday I went ahead, signed up with Lulu online self-publishing service. Uploaded my 108 pages, all in proper format and so on. Soon, several weeks I expect, the book will be available, either as an e-book or in hard-copy. Short stories written over the past two years. Some are altered chapters, cut out for different reasons, from the novel I have sent to several mainstream publishers.
I dont expect to make waves with this, but its way better than having them (stories) sit on my computer, with sporadic submissions to swamped magazine editors.
There are a couple of them which have been submitted recently, so I will wait a bit to hear from those magazines before opening up for distribution.
Also there is work needed on the cover art, what I sent wasnt right, so the first copy will use Lulus stock covers. When I work something better up, the revised version will go out. Right now the title is Heavy & Light Tales. Perhaps something better is needed, after all, as a complete unknown, the title and cover are what might entice potential readers to actually look inside, and perhaps read.

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