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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bob the Goat

Bob rules. He started out as a cute lil bottle-sucking kid. Now around 2 years later he is a Big Billy-goat. He definitely has some boer-goat in him, because he is way bigger than any goats Ive seen around here. Those are mostly about half his size. He is very friendly, but also very headstrong, determined to get whatever he is currently going for. Goal-oriented go-for-it goat. Fences? Climbs em. Walls? Puts his head down and bashes through. Low roofs the same, also chicken nest boxes, perches,everything he can get at that will break given enough attention.
Started tethering him on a chain, which slides along a strong wire strung between trees.In the last month he has broken the main wire once, got the snap fastener loose six or seven times, til I changed it for a really heavy security type,and broken two dog collars (the kind you would put on a big dog, like a German Shepherd).
When tethered he runs at the extreme reach of his tether, reaching for weeds and grass far to the sides, and leaving the easy stuff right under the running wire untouched.
He likes banana peels, will leave the insides for later, orange peels, cedar tree bark and twigs, deadly nightshade and apple trees. The apple trees and the nightshade are especially desirable because he knows i dont want him eating them, for different reasons. After a few mouthfuls of nightshade i have seen him get a little strange, even by his normal standards. I shall see if I can post some pics of Bob.

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