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Luangwa River

Luangwa River

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

nanowrimo didit

Haha Ha did it , got to 50000 words during November , some of which is posted on swazz my writing blog , but some wont go up , just umm words , along the same time lines and people and so on , but needs to be rewritten . The whole thing needs some serious sorting too , lots to chop and drop and lots more to put in , so it might make an interesting read eventually .Will have more time now for a while as there isn't that compulsion to meet a daily word count and an ultimate date to get it all down . Helped my typing speed thats for sure .

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Hey if anyone is interested, I've been quite busy, writing a fair bit - see - joined up nano-wri-mo, where you attempt to write a novel of 50 000 words during the month of November ( author name there p.power ).Posting a novel on blogspot is difficult , as I write from beginning to end, and postings appear with newest first at the top and earlier bits below, making it hard to read in proper sequence.So far, cheating by including stuff i wrote before November, I have 22 000 words, almost half - may get to 50 000 by month end,in fact may get over that count, tho slowed by trying to write readable stuff and follow a sort of plot etc.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Leaves all over the place, just got back from Europe, left here in summer and so the season change is striking. In both England and Spain, the countries I visited, seasonal transition is much less emphatic. Flowers bloom all over, jasmine bouganvillea and citrus trees in gardens and orchards and wild thyme, rosemary and heather on the mountains in Spain. Wild plants flower at this time to take advantage of the expected rain during October and November after the long dry summer. In Somerset in England roses and other garden plants just keep going, though wild flowers are a litle more conservative. Spain seems to have very few birds, at least in the area south of Valencia where I was. There is a strong tradition of hunting and trapping birds of all sizes for food, snares and bird lime were demonstrated on local television as Part of Our Local Culture, so small birds are few and wary. Insecticide use on the crops probably plays a part in this, and of course the need to protect the local speciality, rice, which is very vulnerable to birds.
Somerset in England swarms with wildlife by comparison, though much more heavily populated. Rain comes year round there, snow never lies more than overnight, a much more hospitable enviroment.
Both lack the excitement of seasonal change, the special importance of warm days during a time of fading and the sight of the geese passing over.